About me


Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University (2004)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UC Davis (2001)

Registered Nurse since 2004
Over 10 years of experience in advice nursing

Endorsed by Dr. Amer Khan, Director of Sleep Medicine for Sutter Medical Center and CEO of Sehatu Sleep

Services Offered:

  • Sleep Consultations:  In-person or remote consults available

  • Colic: Learn how to deal with and prevent colic instead of  waiting it out! 

  • Quick Help: Not sure about committing to a full consult?  Email me your situation and I'll give you my best quick tips and advice. $30

Mission Statement:

My goal is to be there to answer all of your questions regarding 'normal ' infant behavior and to guide you so that you can get the most from your parenting experience.  Having my own daughter changed the way I view the world, and I look forward to helping you understand your baby and gain the most from your parenting experience.