Rates & Packages

Package #1:
In-person consult/skype, customized sleep plan, and 6 weeks of follow-up support
: $750/700
(see below for more info on what you get with each package)

Package #2: 
In-person consult/skype, customized sleep plan, and 1 month of follow-up support
: $650/600

Package #3:
In-person consult/skype, customized sleep plan, and 2 weeks of follow-up support: $550/500

Package #4:
In-person consult/skype, customized sleep plan, and 1 week of follow-up support: $400/350

Package #5:
Assessment and customized sleep plan with consult (no follow-up period): $300/250

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Newborn Package
In-home or skype consult to answer all your questions about what to expect regarding infant sleep during your baby's first 3-4 months.  Includes customized sleep plan based on your sleep preferances (crib vs co-sleeping, etc): $250/200

*Phone/Skype consults also available if you are outside the Santa Cruz area. 
**All prices quoted are for a single child.  Please email for a quote on multiple children.
***A mileage fee of $0.45/per mile will apply for any in-home consult >20 miles away.

Follow this link to pay using
PayPal.  Once you are logged in, go to 'Send Money' and enter email address: babymuseinfo@gmail.com then specify the amount you are paying (depending which package you have chosen and whether it's an in-home consult or a phone/skype consult (prices listed above).

Additional Support:

  • If you are a current or previous client, you may purchase additional telephone calls and emails to fine tune issues that may be continuing or that crop up in the future


Services included with each package:
  • Comprehensive evaluation--I will have you fill out a detailed questionnaire ahead of time so I can become familiar with your specific sleep problems


  • 60-90 minute private consultation (for all except package #5)


  • Customized sleep plan tailored to your specific situation


  • 2 follow-up phone calls per week  (package #1 includes approx 2-3 calls per week; calls initiated by you)


  • Unlimited emails good for duration of your follow-up support


  •   Access to my lending library of books on breastfeeding, sleeping, birthing, child development (if local)


  • A list of resources including local activities for babies and children, as well as recommended books and websites


  • 10% discount on any of my classes on parenting, cloth diapering, baby wearing, sleeping, and more

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