Cloth Diapering

There are many reasons to cloth diaper; below are a few, plus some of my favorite sites for information and sales/trades of cloth diapers!
  • Good for the environment--disposable diapers account for 3 % of the total landfill volume, plus they contain potentially harmful chemicals that can leach into the earth
  • Good for your baby--disposable diaper companies refuse to divulge the full contents of their diapers, but we know that they contain many potentially harmful chemicals, such as dioxin and bleach, that can causes rashes and perhaps even cancer
  • Saves Money!  You can cloth diaper your child for as little as $150; most people spend somewhere around $500.  When you use disposables you spend around $2500 on diapers for 2 1/2 years of diapering one child.  By reusing cloth diapers on subsequent children, you increase your savings even more!


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Tiny Tots
Located in Campbell, CA (near Santa Cruz)
Includes cloth diapering diaper service, diapering accessories, classes, baby boutique, breastpump rentals, workshops, and more!

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