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Baby Sleep Basics: 0-6 months
Topics of the class will include: how to help your baby develop healthy sleep habits (and view bedtime as a peaceful, happy time); recommended amount of sleep for each age; common sleep obstacles and challenges parents face; C0-Sleeping: Is it right for you? (Includes current research and resources); tips and gentle methods for getting the best night's sleep possible.  This class focuses on evidence based, no-cry sleep methods.

Parenting to your full potential
Learn gentle, evidence-based parenting techniques that help you get the most from your parenting experience while dealing with common issues such as tantrums, potty training, power struggles, and more.
Taught by Aaron Williams, LCSW (specializing in children/parenting);

Cloth Diapering Class
Learn the basics of cloth diapering as well as the pros and cons of each type of 'system'.
Get info on popular websites and cloth diapering resources

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